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Shane Brooks

“Everything was flawless, as always, I didn't require a free sample as a regular client because I always received excellent service. Jefferson's editing and summary were crucial since he poured his heart and soul into it to improve and localize my script.”

Harry Jim

“The ghostwriting service from Chelsea Publishers was outstanding, the turnaround times were fast, and the best-ghostwriting service I could ever get. The communication process was smooth, and the result was admirable. There is no doubt in my mind that ghostwriters are professionals. I highly recommend them!”

Anne Holland

“A recommendation from a friend prompted me to try the ghostwriting company led by ghostwriting professionals. As a customer, I am delighted with the service. My order was processed quickly and at a reasonable price. In addition, the book writing service is outstanding.”

Luke Martin

“Ghostwriting solution is efficient, swift, and knows how to come up with excellent well-tailored work. They provided me with an amazing level of comfort and delivered exactly what I was expecting. I Will hit up on you guys again!”

Trey Parker

“Chelsea Publishers is a great ghostwriting company! From the attitude of their professional sales person to the way they adhere to their policies, everything depicts their level of professionalism. The content of my book sounds so engaging and tends to entice the reader. I would surely be back again.”

Julie Kirton

“Chelsea Publishers made my dream of becoming one of the top-rated published author come true. They are top professionals with a lot of creative ideas and took care of everything from finalizing the plot to designing and publishing. They revised the draft a few times till I was 100% satisfied”

Kenny Mills

“It has been an amazing time working with Chelsea Publishers. Truly dedicated services and uncanny approaches. My book got rated as the best seller in the local market for a month-long time. Thank you so much.”

Emma Tillmon

“Remarkable services! They dedicated their best ghostwriter right at the moment when I placed my order. She kept me well informed and I’m hugely impressed by their level of professionalism. They even helped me design the book cover which was phenomenal! Kudos!”